JANUARY 30, 2014

I recently photographed a few more cars for British Sports Cars, a restoration shop in San Luis Obispo. The latest shoot featured this stunning Jaguar XK120. You can get the high-resolution version of this front shot here. Enjoy!


AUGUST 14, 2013

While working at Specialized Bicycles as an intern last year, I had the opportunity do design the graphics for the Langster track bike lineup for the 2014 model year. The 2014 bicycles have broken cover and you can check out my work here. Soon you'll be able to find them on the street!


JUNE 3, 2013

Welcome! My website has just gone live! This blog-of-sorts will serve as news and generally keep you updated as to what I'm doing. I'll be working on integrating a WordPress blog into this site so that I can tag things and all that, but for now, this works. Be sure to check out all my work by way of the links at left!

As we all know, blog posts are more fun with pictures, so here's a few shots of the Gios!